I have wpt machine with urlblast.exe running I must have another .exe running at the same time, however, urlblast.exe seems like is trying to kill that other executable but cannot and causes the CPU to max out. Has anyone run into this issue and is there anyway to make urlblast.exe stop killing other executables?

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What is the process it is trying to kill? There are only a few that it outright kills and it also closes any pop-up dialogs. The only way to prevent it right now is to have an explorer window open (can be minimized) while it is running (sort of a back-door setting for disabling it while managing a system).

It could be possible to add it as a configuration setting but the process killing is part of what keeps the system running smoothly for long periods of time (and it also immediately kills any child processes from IE in case a hack managed to spawn a process).