I am trying to use our local WPT instance exclusively over HTTPS.
Sadly, after starting a test the following redirect goes to HTTP (which the firewall in our case blocks).

Is there any way to switch the whole site to HTTPS?


I think consuming results should work over https, I just never tried the path for submitting. If you patch runtest.php there are 2 lines of code that list:

header("Location: http://

Switching to https should fix the issue with the redirect. I’ve never tried connecting the test agents over https either though so I’m not 100% sure the tests themselves will run.

The test agents arre running on the same machine as the webserver, so that should not be a problem, right?

Good point. As long as the web server is listening for both HTTP and HTTPS then it should be fine.

Yeah, it does. Only the Firewalls on the network block port 80 to the machine. So far it seems to work well.

Only video doesn’t work, but that is another matter :slight_smile: