Video ON > Start Render green line is off

I found a bug having to do with the green Start Render line in the waterfall charts.

I ran a few test on page A, without checking the “Create Video” checkbox.

Start Render line is drawn right after the CSS file has finished loading and this is as expected/correct.

Compare this to the waterfall charts for the other test runs, where I checked the “Create Video” checkbox.

The green Start Render line is drawn too early, at the Connect time for the HTML. This of course is wrong since the browser has not received any bytes…

Pat > can you fix this? Would be great!

Thanks, I’ll look into it. From a quick look it looks like the video frames are captured correctly but the measurement time for the start render is coming out incorrectly on this test (from pagetest itself). Video comparisons themselves will be fine. I’ll get it fixed in the next release but it may take a while since it will be a code deployment to all of the test machines.



OK, great. Txs.

I saw your blog post on automated tests (scheduled) on … I’ll post my thoughts soon.
In a nutshell: Improve on the XML API (functional, documentation) so people who are serious can build their own app, get the data and generate reports.