visual comparison while maintain cookies


I want to run a visual comparison with tests that need a specific cookie to be set. Is it possible to suppress deleting all cookies before the test is starting? Or, alternatively, to add a single cookie in a visual comparison-test?

Regards, Nils

The “visual comparison” tests are just normal tests with video capture enabled. You can do what you need by running the tests individually (the cookie one with a script for setting the cookie) and then going to the test history page, selecting the tests and clicking the compare button (it’s a good idea to label the tests to make them easier to find).

If you are running a private instance and are trying to create a simple UI so other people can do comparison tests easily then that would take a bit of tweaking (a bulk test would mostly work, just need a minor tweak to have it bring up the filmstrip instead of the normal bulk result UI).

GREAT, thanks!

I haven’t seen compare from history-page, so far.