Visual Comparison error with Private instance

I am getting an error on my Private Instance of Webpagetest when using Visual Comparison.
I am able to run individual tests but the Comparison test show and error message on the browser.
I see that the client does actually do the tests.
I have installed ffmpeg.
Server is on Fedora and Client is on Windows XP.
Any help will be appreciated.

What is the message? Check and make sure that the work/video directory is created and has the permissions set so that the apache user can write to it.

Hello Patrick,

Even i have this issue. Upon doing a quick search i found this thread. Yes, i have work/video directory created and it has permissions for apache user to write.

Error Message: “There was an error running the test(s)”

I’m having the same problem. I can run a single test with Chrome, Firefox, and IE and render video/thumbnails perfectly however, when I try a visual comparison the test results are blank and error log stating browser couldn’t be selected and there was an error running the test(s).


Hi, I have the same problem, does it have a solution?