Visually Complete number larger than Total Load time

Hi there,

Exporting raw test results, I have the following sample numbers.

DOM Content Ready Start 3756
DOM Content Ready End 5116
Load Event Start 8408
Load Event End 9389
Load Time (ms) 9622
Visually Complete 25688

Can anyone tell me why my Visually Complete number is so much larger than Total Load time 9622ms?

More Info: I have run this test multiple times on differing pages. The results always differ; sometimes it’s larger, some times it’s not. The results do not seem to be URL, view (repeat/first), server or error (0/9999) dependent.

If something is changing on the screen (video playing, ad flashing, gallery images rotating) then the visually complete number will get pushed back by that activity independent of the resources loading.

Great to know - thanks!

Using you feedback, I think I’ve identified the issue. Images were designed to load on scroll (lazy load), opposed to on page load.