WARNING (24.0 hours) Cache

Why would one get a warning of (24.0 hours) for - Leverage browser caching of static assets:

Just curious. Another department handles the uploading of images to the site and I have no way of knowing when to dump the cache, thus the 1 day period to be safe. I used to have it set to check for changes, but found that this caused over 60+ 304 request/response to check for changes, so I dumped that solutions and it has shaven milliseconds and resources on the Web server.

Should I simply treat this as a false positive.

Thanks Speed Testers.


Anybody got any knowledge on this???

If the images never change then they should be allowed to be cached for a year. If the images change then you’re doing it wrong which is why you get the warning. Best practices are to use different URLs every time an image changes (even if it’s as simple as putting an ignored query param at the end of the url).

[quote=“moojjoo, post:1, topic:9465”]
Why would one get a warning of (24.0 hours) for - Leverage browser caching of static assets:
[/quote]Are these 3rd party assets with this warning? Typically anything delivered from google for instance, only has a 24 hr cache.

pmeenan - I have up’d the cache to 365 days from 1 day for my images, scripts and css. And you were right. BOOM fixed.

Anton - you are correct as well some of the cache are from third parties, but per pmeenan they were content on our servers.

Lastly we have gone with a 3rd party CDN and we are getting a check mark on CDN NOW, — YEAH!!!

Although they have said, it will take 1 - 3 days for proper propagation across the globe and get cached to their servers. I will be running test later and return to provide feed back for other forum users.

Now if I could just get that big fat “F” off First time to byte.

Thank you both for your time and help, I have learned so much in the last 4 months.