warnings for caching of static assets


I’m wondering what the warning means in caching of static assets, all my files have a 2 day expires and I get a warning like this:

WARNING (2.0 days) - blah blah

What does that mean? What needs to happen to make that go away?

Thanks for any tips.[hr]
Oh, I see - you get a warning if it’s set for less than 30 days.

Yes, see if you can have even more than 30 days, like 3 months, 1 year or unlimited.

Hey there,

I read in a lot of places setting the value greater than 1 year is a bad idea. For instance, a quick Google search landed me on this page:


“Some people try to set the cache header to 10-years instead of 1-year since 10-years is the maximum time. We do not recommend this. Some proxies on the internet are misconfigured and assume any cache header > 1-year must be a mistake and so they ignore it.”

Travis Walters