Waterfalls are missing

Hello everyone,
I am trying to install Webpage test private instance on my windows 2008 64 bit server, but I am having little hardtime getting it up and running. I am running without dummynet, I am able to run the test and see the test results including the video, but not the waterfalls or anyother pie diagrams. Is there anyone who has faced a similar problem in the past?

Does your php install have the GD2 library installed/enabled? Usually when the images are missing it is because it isn’t enabled (it is required to draw the waterfalls and resize the thumbnails).




I seem to have the same problem but am running my private instance on XP (if that makes a difference). I appear to have GD2 enabled, here’s a clip from the php.ini:


Is there something else I can check to figure out why this is not working?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Are the thumbnails of the screen shots working? If not there is something wrong with the GD2 config. If so then it’s going to be something else that I haven’t seen before.



Thanks Pat :slight_smile:

In the table I do not get a broken image, it is blank like the screenshot above from eric.

If I hover over and attempt to click the table cell nothing happens.

I did look at the html code to see what href tags were returned and there are returns which do reference .png files and some other sub-folders. When I look at the server and drill down the directory structure those .png files and other sub folders do not exist.

Here’s the href for the Waterfall:

Drilling down through /results/11/04/21/T1/J/ I find some jpg files of screenshots, a bunch of .gz files, but no “details” folder or any .png files.

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Yeah, depending on the browser they don’t all show broken images (firefox just leaves it blank for example). The files referenced don’t actually exist on disk, they go through a rewrite step and end up being generated on the fly which is what GD is being used for.

Did you restart apache after enabling the GD module? It might be worth setting up a test php file that just dumps phpinfo() to see if it recognizes the GD install. You can create a file (testphp.php for example) with just this in it:


Then visit in a browser and see what it spits out.

It works now. Maybe it was the reinstall of PHP I did between our last two posts… not sure.

I literally reinstalled PHP and the only things I did different is where I selected to install GD and curl, I selected “Will be installed on local harddrive” instead of the “Entire feature…” option. I also registered .php script executable and added pear.

I did do a page test after the reinstall and it did not work, I walked away for a bit, came back, refreshed the screen and the waterfall is there along with the ability to review all report sections.

All page tests I do now work just fine.

I still went ahead and did the phpinfo() test and I get a complete page return of details.

I can only suspect something during the reinstalling of PHP, choosing different ways to install, restarting Apache, and giving it some breathing room gave it a little kick start.

If I see anything else I’ll let you know. If there is anything you want me to look at and share with you just let me know.

Thanks Pat :slight_smile:

If it’s working now, no reason to curse it by looking :slight_smile: Glad things sorted themselves out (for some reason it’s a lot more difficult to configure things correctly on windows than it is on linux - completely backwards from how things normally are).

No problem, understood. Eventually I’ll convert to linux when I understand it more :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your efforts and assistance,