we7 buy facebook likes

Hi From time to time i keep hearing companies fund raise on Facebook from people liking their page. For example they would say if you like our page a dollar will go into this cause etc… How is this possible ? Thanks Facebook likes no showing up on my wall? How can i get facebook likes for my amy winehouse page? Things to post on Facebook to get a lot of likes? How to get facebook likes? Twiends no longer supports facebook and I was wondering is there another website that one can use to increase their facebook likes? buy facebook likes I need your help with facebook likes? How do you know who ‘facebook likes’ your story on wattpad? Ways to get free facebook likes? How are Facebook Likes counted? Why the heck does the amount of facebook likes on my status change? If a girl on facebook likes guys pages does that mean shes either lesbian or bi? Have you even been to one of those websites that are filled with sayings that you can FaceBook “like”… and people can create their own likes and what not… they are not pages, just phrases on a website. Does any one know how or who makes these, is it a company or a template perhaps?