webpageprivate instance UI not displayed


I have configured WPT private instance in windows with the support of Apache and PHP. configured as per the stpes mentioned in https://andydavies.me/blog/2012/09/18/how-to-create-an-all-in-one-webpagetest-private-instance/. when i do http://localhost:8081, PHP code as below been displayed instead of webpagetest UI

<?php include 'common.inc'; if (array_key_exists('bulk', $_GET)) { $settings['noBulk'] = 0; } if (!array_key_exists('noBulk', $settings)) $settings['noBulk'] = 0; // see if we are overriding the max runs if (isset($_COOKIE['maxruns']) && (int)$_GET['maxruns'] > 0) { $settings['maxruns'] = (int)$_GET['maxruns']; .......... Attached apache http.conf file for reference. Please advise