WebPageTest 17.08

I FINALLY got around to cutting a new official release: https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/releases/tag/WebPageTest-17.08

The version numbering is moving to a YY.MM scheme and (hopefully) quarterly releases.

The biggest change by far for this release is the new cross-platform agent which is ready for production use on Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.

How to check the old versions of WPT i mean which file inside the www folder can be referred to identify the version, pls suggest.


will show the server version number (if it is reasonably recent)


will show the version number of the agent code ( is the current version for wptdriver).

Thanks Patrick, it did showed the version, its latest 17.08 for server, but it does not show the version of agent code for one private instance where it did showed for the other one.