WebPageTest 2.18

WebPageTest 2.18 is now available: Release WebPageTest 2.18 · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest · GitHub

Changes of note:

  • Fixed a critical remote code execution vulnerability (linux servers)
  • Lots of mobile agent improvements (custom metrics, nav timing, user timing, processing video on the agent)
  • HTTP/2 decode support for Firefox/IE

Hi, so this is my first time using the private instance for a group of websites. I use the webpage charts api and ui to send scheduled tests to the private instance via the webpagetest api on node.js.
My issue stems from the scripting portion I am using on just the website portion of the private instance server. When using setValue and submitForm on a typical login site written in .Net the submitForm doesn’t seem to work properly, I just see the name and password fill out and then the test waits until the timeout hits. Could this be a bug or a faulty configuration on my part?

Thank you for your time

Could be that the form itself actually requires a click event on the button (logic attached in js). Your best bet is to get it working through javascript in a dev tools console and then use that javascript in a execAndWait command instead of using submitForm.

I am trying to create WPT private instance with WPT 2.18. I could not find index.html there and therefore getting 403 (forbidden error) while trying https://localhost. I copied and paste source code of WPT public instance homepage as index.html and then it worked fine and am getting WPT homepage (public instance) when connect to localhost. How would I get the homepage of WPT private instance?

Do you have php configured on your web server? index.php is the main entry point.

HI i am using webpagetest private instance from last one and half year , just upgraded to latest version 2.18 , after upgrading i am not getting value of speedindex and startrender on mobile devices
its working for all desktop agent
only mobile agents are giving problem

              Load Time	    First Byte	Start Render	DOM Elements	Time	  Requests	Bytes In	Time	Requests	Bytes In

First View 5.034s 0.130s 0.000s 4674 5.034s 19 165 KB 16.118s 73 679 KB
Repeat View3.904s 0.129s 0.000s 4674 3.904s 7 14 KB 15.039s 41 248 KB

Device nexus 5 /Note 3 / moto g chrome browser version 47

after run below command
python visualmetrics.py --check
i am getting
ffmpeg: FAIL
convert: FAIL
compare: FAIL
Pillow: FAIL

Pillow is optional but you need to other ones for video extraction to work. Installing ffmpeg and imagemagick will take care of it.

Thank you pmeenan
compiled php again with imagemagik and ffmpeg and installed python libs , now its working :rolleyes:

currently my test agents on windows machines , there is any documentation to do test agent setup on ubuntu or any other linux distribution ?

The agents are not supported on linux (only the Android agent which can use a linux machine as a host). The desktop browsers are only supported in Windows which is where the vast majority of the end users are.