WebPagetest Agent Resetting Connection To the Server


I am trying to update my private webpagetest instance from 2.19 to 17.12 but I cannot connect the agent to the server. It keeps on resetting the connection for some reason (see screenshots below). The server connects with older version of the agent just fine but not the newer one. Any idea what might be wrong?

WPT Agent:

WPT Server Install:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Do you have any logs on your server?

Thanks for the reply.

I am using the default docker container (only locations.ini is changed) but I can’t find anything in the logs folder in src directory. Any idea where I might find them?

Hmm, sorry I’m not using docker for my instance. Is there an apache folder anywhere?

EDIT: I had to increase the KeepAlive time out to prevent the agent from resetting the connection and it fixed the problem

I looked into the supervisor folder under /var/log/ (on the server). It had some 408 responses. I increased the KeepAlive timeout and the agent is not resetting the connection anymore. However, its still not connected to the server. Is there any setting in WPT server to accept or reject an agent trying to connect?