Website Very Slow Help

Hi I have a Wordpress Site. I have a wordpress site its really slow. Need help to fix it. It only has articles on it and a few pictures. Need to find a way too to make categories so that people can come to site and itf they want to read health realated articles they click health and so on. I thought Wordpress was like that so I had a developer build me a site as it if could do that. So the site is really empty so the slowneww makes no sense to me. i need help. I have tried other work at home businesses that were scams in the past that did not work so if I cannot get this to work my husband is going to be like “see I told you so” and we cant have that again. I am disabled and it is really difficut to work outside the home so this was my one chance to make money outside the home.
The site is

First things first.
2. Time till first Byte over 5 seconds.
HTML size is 357.3 KB not including images. That is big, for one page.
Your server could be slow. A properly set cache could help.
Aotoptimize is running and there are traces of -WP-CF-Super-Cache.
3. SSL certificate needs to be set up. Check with the hosting company.

Hi Michele,

Where is your site hosted and what kind of hosting plan are you paying for? When I opened your site for the first time, there was a long pause before the page opened. I ran the WebPageTest and results were fine:

I don’t know if the server is sleeping if idle for a long time - hence the occasional Time till first Byte delay. Your server is also using HTTP1 instead of HTTP2.
Also there are Wordpress Plugins that you could use like:

  • WP Super Cache
  • Autoptimize (I haven’t used this but it aggregates JS and CSS)