What can I improve? Bonus question re: TTFB

Hi all, here are the results for my site:


I can’t find much data on what is a good start render time, and that’s really my primary concern … so I’m wondering, how can I improve what I’ve got now (and is what I’ve got now decent?)

I think the biggest concern for me here is the massive time to first byte. My TTFB is pretty much the same, even if I serve a plain html page from my site (no JS, no images, basic DOM, etc): http://www.webpagetest.org/result/130711_D3_6b4bf3798a87a284a9da9cd572fdee02/


“pretty much the same”? The part of the TTFB that you control directly is the Green part of the bar. In the best case it would be the same size as the orange bar (which it is close to for the static resources). It looks like the app code is adding ~600-700ms.

It looks like you are sharding resources across 2 domains. Don’t do that if you can avoid it for a HTTPS site. Each new connection for HTTPS is REALLY expensive to set up.

The biggest issues blocking render (beyond the first byte time) are your 2 blocking js files in the head. If you can move your application-xxx js file to the bottom of the page it will stop blocking the render but optimizely is going to continue to be a problem. Because of how it works and what it does you don’t really have a choice but for it to completely block rendering. If you aren’t actively running an experiment it would be good to not include the optimizely code.