What has the higher prio? Requests or graphicload?

Thinking about to merge graphics.
What is better?

  • two graphics with a low capacity
  • one graphic with a higher capacity

The example:
1st graphic: 4.1 KB
2nd graphic: 1.5 KB
sum: 5.6 KB

Merged graphic: 9,8 KB

So what is the priority?:
Bring down the no. of requests?
Have smaller graphic capacities?

“it depends” :slight_smile:

Usually fewer requests dominates over bytes but it really depends on where in the page load the graphics are being loaded.

Why is the merged graphic so much bigger? Did you have to go from palletized PNGs to a 24-bit png? If so, what does it look like palletized (unless the images are really big, 8-bit is usually plenty).

It’s bigger 'cause these graphic profis really made their logos small… anyway… think I go for the requests at first and later for the order :wink: