what is the new Loaded by: mean?

test I just did. results for one request show.

URL: http://c2.twojjs.com/images/A_logo_new.jpg
Loaded By: http://greenspotantiques.com/:10
Host: c2.twojjs.com

in the “loaded by:”: result what does the /:10 mean?

further in request, see a loaded by and /:11 for example.

(this is NEW, isn’t it? or just never noticed before?)


It’s new :slight_smile: It’s a feature in Chrome that tells you which line of code is responsible for triggering a specific resource to load (the :# is the line number in the file).

It’s only available in Chrome and it doesn’t traverse css files very well but hopefully it will improve. I have lots of cool things I want to do with it in the UI (like show you the dependency chain in the waterfall view).

oh, cool.

I’ll have to remembr to turn html-minify OFF in my Autoptimize Worpress plugin when testing off your site then.
At this time, almost ALL my triggers are from lines 10 and 11 as file is only 14 lines deep, minified :slight_smile:

Wow, this tool just get better and better.
thanks a million bits, sir. :slight_smile: