When HTTP/2 support got integrated?

Hi Patrick,

can you tell me since when firefox measurements of HTTP/2 sites got possible with webpagetest/wptdriver?

We have some agents still running a multistep adapted code base from January 2015 (your commit 2ddcdae2a0e1707a9a3dd2ce08f19057847c01c7). They seem to not decode HTTP2/Traffic correctly :frowning:

Did you implement HTTP/2 support after January, 2015?

Regards, Nils

Oh yeah, way after January 2015. The HTTP/2 decode support was only a couple of months ago.

Looks like the last of the fixes landed around Nov. 9, 2015.

FWIW, there’s a lot of activity going on with the agents now to bring better decode support to Chrome as well so taking another snapshot is going to be out of date pretty quickly.

I have it on my todo list for this year to bring multi-step support into the mainline code but I can get the bits that the driver needs to implement done a lot sooner so you can stop having to maintain a fork. It won’t look exactly like the current version you are running because I need it to be backward compatible.

That’s really GREAT to hear!!!

Feel free to ask for support. Whatever will help to get it done.
If you will do it for yourself we would appreciate it to get an idea of the way your solution will work asap so we can adapt the interface WPTServer/OpenSpeedMonitor respectively.

The main thing I’m planning to do is to put each step after the first one into a separate set of files (not sure yet on the prefix/extension/naming to keep compatibility) and probably update the testinfo.json with the number of reported steps in the test.

That way existing code will just ignore the additional files and new code can know to look for them.

OpenSpeedMonitor and every other tool that wants to consume wpt tests result data for follow-up measured steps (2…n) will need a technical interface to read this result data.
We adapted xmlResult.php to provide an xml file with additional nodes for the follow-up steps results.
Need not be the existing xml interface but somehow someone should be able to read all steps result data for a single test.