Where did all the live audits go on Twitch?

Hi Tim,

First off, thank you so much for your live performance audits on Twitch. Very helpful!

I remember browsing the Twitch channel a couple of weeks ago and seeing many live audit videos. However, It seems that there are way fewer videos available now? Did you guys remove some videos or am I doing/seeing something wrong? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Thanks for the kind words!

Yeah, Twitch deletes videos after, I believe, 15 days. We’re posting them all over at YouTube though WebPageTest by Catchpoint - YouTube

Ugh, it seems that those months-old audits are not on the YouTube channel either. Well, I need to be faster watching the videos.

Thanks so much, Tim!

I do think we had maybe the first two episodes get away from us before we started uploading to YouTube, unfortunately. The rest are there and uploaded as we get 'em, so you can take your time now. :wink: