Will mass tests on 1 day harm your website?

Couldn’t find the answer anywhere…
Let’s say I want to run tests ALL DAY on a website that usually generates only 15 uniques a day. (reason is irrelevant)
Will the unique hits generated by this tool on this 1 day we run tests (by means of bounce rate, all the analysed info, etc.) cause a website to lose it’s place on Google searches?
Are there any repercussions to testing your website consistently over a certain amount of hours?
Is there a difference between running 100 test and 5,000 tests a day with any issues?
*If its not recommended to run this amount of test per day why is that information not located anywhere easily accessible? (I assume it’s okay to run any amount of tests anytime you want, it should be, otherwise 3rd parties need to fix the way they index)
Thank you!

No search engine uses your analytics for ranking so there will be no impact. Some seach engine providers have browser toolbars that MAY give them some visibility but I can’t imagine that any testing tool you are using would have it installed - and most of them just use that information for discovering new pages they should crawl.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to use the public WebPagetest instance to run 5000 tests in a day though - that would get you blocked pretty quickly :slight_smile: (that would use a lot of the system capacity)

Thank you, I sent you an email at the same time I posted this (apology). I highly appreciate the quick responses. Thank you once again.