Would LOVE to consult with a true speed optimization expert

Hi All,

I’m Vic Dorfman :slight_smile:

I’m the founder of SpeedKills.io, a boutique WordPress hosting “with a service” company.

I’m looking to potentially engage a consultant (or several) who really understands website optimization intimately (especially WordPress) and can help us solve some of our current frustrations around speeding up our customers’ sites.

Oh! I should mention that I recently read the book on how to use WebPageTest.org and from what I can see, it’s the most sophisticated testing tool on the market, and we need to integrate it into our benchmarking procedures (we’ve been using GTMetrix). So I might like some help with that as well :smiley:

The main problem we’re trying to solve is around how to best approach WordPress optimizations, under different circumstances, and then develop the documentation and systems to do that consistently for our customers, both old and new.

We already have quite a bit of documentation and workflows but on certain high traffic sites, we need a more surgical approach than just compressing images, employing caching, minifcation and all of the standard optimization stuff.

For hosting we use CloudWays and generally deploy servers in the geography where our customer gets the majority of their traffic from.

We don’t have root access but it seems like we’re able to do quite a lot with their platform, and a lot of the optimizations need to happen on the application level.

My email is vic@speedkills.io or you can PM me.

I have several live websites I can point to as ideal candidates for optimization, both short and long term. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Vic Dorfman
Founder - SpeedKills.io

I’m a freelancer and Work from home.

Recently I Work on my Client site For “Site Speed Optimization
After completing the Work, i write a “speed up WordPress” case study Guide For the Blogger.

So that other can also take the advantage of fast speed.

Webpagetest.org is the best tool to find the First-byte time. But if you want to dig dipper in the report use more tool like Page insight, Pingdom, Vary etc.

Check my case Study and if you like feel free to contact me.