Help needed: Speed Procedure Instructions

I am looking for someone to create a set of instructions to boost webpages that are on Godaddy Managed Wordpress to get a perfect score on

Here is one site:
Here is another type of site:

I am looking for someone to create a set of instructions to boost the speed of these sites to get a perfect score on The instructions would be specifically focused on Godaddy Managed Wordpress and would need to allow for the plugins I already have running on the site. (In other words: you wouldn’t be able to put remove all plugins as an instruction)

The instructions must be specific enough that someone with a basic IT/Wordpress background would be able to follow them without additional questions. (Saying to defer javascript would not be considered a usable instruction, because it does not explain how to do the steps… you would already need to know how to do that in order to be able to do it)

-I am not sure if this is possible the way I am asking. If it isn’t, let me know why it isn’t or how I could go about doing it better.
-I would like to pay $100 for the set of instructions. If that is not enough for you, but you are interested, then say how much you would be able to do of the overall instructions for $100. I would like to do an initial payment of $100 to see if this works or not.
-The instructions will be posted for free for anyone to view at the Experimarketing website once they are completed.

Both these domains are running on Soup Kitchen servers… Many sites of unknown quality…

The only real way to tune sites is to run them on dedicated hardware or with a Hosting company that knows how to tune their servers.

GoDaddy apparently (based on my testing + many WPT test results) has no clue about how to tune their physical servers.

Move to dedicated iron + ask your question again.

For example, I target tuning my client’s WordPress sites to 5000+ reqs/sec before launch.

This usually only takes a few hours of tuning on a dedicated server.

Creating a set of instructions for you would be rather impractical without knowing how your server are set up, what it has running such as Memcache etc, as well as which plugins you have.

Either myself and/or dfavor would be willing to help give you a more specific quote for our services - although from the looks of your post, getting an external developer to work on may be out of the question.

As a general rule, consider getting a caching plugin of some description (W3 Total Cache etc), and then try to minimise the number of resources your site is loading.

Rereading your post, several things come to mind.

  1. Having a perfect score with WPT may require a lot of work for very little benefit. For example, callouts (external references) for different files might take a huge amount of work to bring them onto your site, which will likely be required for a “Perfect Score”.

  2. #1 likely requires you’re running on a dedicated machine, where you can ssh into said machine + reboot it at will.

  3. Attempting to tune from a set of instructions might be overwhelming, depending on your comfort with command line work. has a “Server Machine Setup” section, after “Services Offered”.

I’m in the process of updating this considerably, as this was mainly a set of notes to myself from several years ago. This will give you a good place to start.