Help in improvements of site speed...

Is there someone you can pay a fee to for help in trying to get better results…I am illiterate when it comes to all this code and I would like to improve my site:

I know of at least two different people/companies that do performance optimization work.

Aaron Peters -
OmniTI -

I’m sure there are a lot more (and at various levels of price/scale), many of whom visit here so I expect you’ll get a lot more input as well.

Patrick - DJ and I use the same host company, the same plan, yet he gets a B for “Compressed Text” and I get an F.

How is that possible?
I wanta B :slight_smile:

Ping DJ and see if he is on the same plan (shared hosting) and if so how he got gzip working for the external files (assuming we’re talking about host gator).

He has the same plan, but has no idea why his gets a better gzip ranking

Hey Grahamginsberg,

I am not sure about your hosting company, but I have GZipping enabled at code-level. If you are using a dynamic programming language, you might be able to do something similar.

To see a coldfusion tutorial about GZIP check this post out here:

Hope this helps.

Travis Walters