WPO Foundation code signing cert is expired

I’ve been working on trying to get the ipfw+dummynet driver to install silently as part of automating the building of a WPT agent site for a project. I’d been trying to use the mindinst.exe utility similar to mentioned here:

but seem to be having not much luck. This is in Windows 2012 Standard Edition x64. When I run mindinst on windows after it has booted into Test Signing mode the ipfw+dummynet driver shows up in the list under the adapter, but the Event Log shows errors loading the driver. I’ve even tried this with disabling integrity checks as well with no success.

However, if I manually go into the adapter settings, delete the ipfw+dummynet driver and then re-add it via the GUI…IT WORKS.

So I’ve been banging my head on this for some time now and I just happened to notice that the code signing certificate for WPO Foundation expired [size=large]8/24/2013[/size]

Soooo, any chance we could get an updated driver with a non-expired code signing certificate? Pretty please? :slight_smile: Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

I don’t think that is an issue. If you look at the second check box, the signature was time-stamped while the certificate was still good when it was signed which makes the authenticode signature on the binary good forever.

Ahh ok, I’m not familiar with how that all works with Authenticode. However, this still doesnt explain why I am unable to do a silent install of this driver without errors and am forced to install it via the GUI manually.

I spent several months trying to figure out how to get the driver singed in such a way that it would work without requiring test mode and at the end just gave up (kernel signing has it’s own idiosyncrasies but I thought I had them all figured out).

Just a sanity check, for test mode to be active you have to reboot before installing the driver. Any chance you aren’t doing that and you’re trying to do it all in one pass?