WPT run number order bug ?

Using public WPT online service if I set a first view run of 3 runs and run the test, it seems the order of runs is listed incorrectly at the completion.

When I run 3x repeated test run say 1st run finishes in 2.1s, 2nd run finishes in 2.2s and waiting on the 3rd run to complete. The final listing of the completed test shows

run 1 = 2.3s
run 2 = 2.1s
run 3 = 2.2s

so what happens is the 3rd run is listed as run 1 while 1st run is listed as run 2 and 2nd run is listed as run 3 ?

is that a bug ?

I’d expect the listing to be

run 1 = 2.1s
run 2 = 2.2s
run 3 = 2.3s

which is the order of actual tests ran ?