Most of the tests don't start today


I have an issue with for the last few hours today.
When I run a new test, it’s showing the following and doesn’t go any further:

Of course the “Runs left” count is decreasing after each run.
It basically happens around 4 out of 5 times, so approx every 5 run is working correctly.
Could you tell me what’s the issue here? I’m using your tool for the last few months and it was always running perfectly.

Best regards,

Apologies on the late reply on this post. It was stuck in the moderation queue of the forum.

We did experience a problem August 1st which was resolved. We do have a status page that we update with issues :Webpagetest Status - WPT test not running intermittently

Also next time you see an issue that is this critical, feel free to email our support at if the status page is not reflecting we have an issue.