[WPT3.0] wptdriver chrome installer never ends


I haven’t been able to make my Chrome to be launched with wptdriver on my test machine so I have decided to remove the browser and make wptdriver to reinstall it.

This reinstall process never ends unfortunately and wptdriver keeps showing it is reinstalling:


Where could I find more information on what is preventing this process to finish? Is there any log file available somewhere?


Look in wptdriver.ini for the path to the Chrome executable and make sure it is pointing to the right place. Most common issue is “Program Files” vs “Program Files (x86)”


Thanks for taking my issue into consideration.

I have installed the chrome installer found at http://www.webpagetest.org/installers/browsers/chrome.dat.

Here is where chrome.exe is installed:


and this is what I have in the wptdriver.ini:


I believe my configuration is correct.

However whenever I request to run a new test from the web interface I do not see chrome being launched.

And my test results with this output:

Can you please give me some hints to help me in my troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance.

The error message below the waterfall tells you the problem. Either the drivers for dummynet were not installed or you didn’t copy the files from the x64 directory to the dummynet folder (or both):

Step 10 here: https://sites.google.com/a/webpagetest.org/docs/private-instances#TOC-Test-Machine-s-1

Thank you so very much for your help ! It does work properly now.
I did see this error but I couldn’t imagine it was the root cause of my problem. Since it was an upgrade from WPT2 I thought I didn’t have to go through all the setup steps. I should have been more cautious.
Again, thank you very much.