10 sec Time to first Byte..................


Hello all,
What’s the hell ?

Thanks a lot to help me to have a coherent TTFB…

What platform is the site built on (proprietary, commercial, open source, etc)?

Unfortunately there’s not much we’re going to be able to tell from the outside because it’s all going to be because of your back-end application performance (database queries, etc). There are solutons for the common open-source CMS systems (drupal, wordpress, joomla) but if the site is custom-built it’s going to be something that the developer needs to look into.

It is a CMS open source Prestashop

Google around a bit for “Prestashop page cache” which should significantly help your first byte times. Here’s one write-up on how to do it: http://www.nethercottconstructions.com/en/content/10-enable-smarty-template-and-file-caching