[split] First Byte Time Grade

I recently started using Google Site speed to fasten my website
(www.sqlServer-Training.com) and results are very positive. but when I
check website stats using some page speed analytical tools like
I really get very bad score in First Byte Time. I wanted to correct
this and wanted to lower the First Byte Time to <150 ms.
My current First Byte Time is 909 ms.
All suggestion and thought would be welcome on this

I understand you’re using the new Google Page Speed Service to speed up your website. Passing your uncached pages through Page Speed before serving them to your user is likely to add slightly to the TTFB since it’s another step in the chain of connections (but not that big a deal if your overall load times have improved significantly). Since you’re using Wordpress, I would assume that only your static resources are cached, whereas each individual page is first generated by Wordpress and then passed on to Google for optimization. Since you’re on shared hosting, where performance varies a lot, I’m not sure it would be possible to lower your TTFB by all that much. Compared to a static HTML page, there’s quite some processing required for a Wordpress page to be loaded, and these shared servers tend to be unreliable in terms of performance (they’re often oversold and you have no guaranteerd resources).

What you could have a look at, if you haven’t already, is the W3 Total Cache plug-in for Wordpress. If you can manage to cache your (now dynamically generated) pages, you might be able to shave some ms off of your TTFB after all. HostGator seems to support it.

Testing from Dulles, VA, the reported TTFB is 445 ms, well below the 909 ms you mention. Were you testing from the United States?