a big F to First Byte Time

Despite implementing the recommended changes to IIS, we still get this disappointing result. Any idea how we could improve further?


FYI, we have recently done the following:

  1. to set the expiration of web site content;
  2. enable compression in IIS;
  3. Creating a Web Service Extension (WSE) and map to gzip.dll (HTTP Compression)

The first byte time is going to be a function of your application and not related to the configuration of gzip, caching headers or any other “front end” stuff.

Do you make any database calls or calls to external services? Those are the usual candidates but it could be a bunch of stuff. There are some tools that can help you get visibility into the back-end bottlenecks but it’s not something we have visibility into from the outside. I’m partial to New Relic but Dynatrace is also a good solution (I believe both support .Net).