Help With First Byte Time

Hey All!
I’ve been able to get my website to perform pretty well except for the First Byte Time.
I am on a business plan with A Small Orange for hosting, but it’s still shared. Is there anything that can be done at all to help speed this up, or is my only choice to change hosting? Here’s a recent test:
Getting an F for First Byte Time, and A’s for all the rest. :frowning:

Thank You!

I’m experiencing the same problem

But in my case it’s even worse

I also want to mention that in my case the First Byte time is not steady, I can have 3000ms and I can have 700ms as you do.
And in my case I am using a dedicated server (1gbit connection, ssd drives, 32gb ram & 6 cores)
I have no idea how to solve it.

Welcome onboard guyz!

I have same problem as yours, even on fast server & optimized system. But the relative slow may be due mainly to integration of EV SSL cert on my website.
I created a post on another part of the site, hope that a genious guy will help us to solve our respective FBT problems!

myersa, what system are you using to serve http requests?

Your DNS resolution time doesn’t look like it’s helping things. Perhaps try testing some other sites that use your hosting provider and see if they have similar issues. Do you know for sure that the delay isn’t caused by your application?