Sometimes my First Byte Time grade is an "A" and the next hour I get a "D" Vice Versa

How you doing guys? Me myself Yesterday very good, today just good, today my results show a D for the First Byte Time:

First Byte Time
Keep-alive Enabled
Compress Text
Compress Images
Cache static conten

Yesterday i had an A for all…but today :huh:

Why is it that sometimes my First Byte Time is much faster and the next time much slower(one day an “A” another day a “D” grade without me changing anything with my shared server @ Dreamhost nor my codes…?) and I get no traffic (website under construction)

I have a “normal” website coded from scratch/ with no traffic yet … I say the word “normal” because i see solutions for wordpress websites with a plugin, but i wonder how can I ensure that my First Byte Time for a “xhtml coded” website with shared webhosting could stay fast and STABLE? Iv searched everything I can to get an “A” constantly but I can not find a solution.

I Appreciate your help immensely,

Thanks in Advance

The first byte time check is the only one that isn’t deterministic and can vary from tests to test but it’s important enough that I thought it was worth the uncertainty.

There might not be a lot you can do if you are on shared hosting. The first thing to check is any “external” calls that your site makes (database, other web services, etc). Is it actually code or just static xhtml files?

If you are running PHP, make sure to turn on fastcgi and the application cache (I believe they are settings in the domain dashboard).

To some extent you get what you pay for and there may not be much you can do for their cheapest plan. If you step up to VPS or if you’re willing to spend a little bit more on something like an EC2 micro instance you can get a lot more control.

I cannot give away the report with the Url in it, because it’s confidential until release,sorry about that. but I have made a snapshot of the First Time Byte of the longest taking First Byte from the Waterfall View The green part takes “relatively long” like 2 to 3 times longer than the rest in the report!

I have noticed that the Google Ads take a long First Byte Time… hmmm
I guess there is not much I can do about that or Pmeeman can I do something about the google ads…?

The website is coded with plain Xhtml 1.0 Transitional , no Php, etc. but I think its of the Ads… :frowning: too bad., Ok thanks Pmeenan, I respect your answering most of the questions on this forum, this is a GREAT tool! thanks!


The first byte time grade is just for the base page (first request in the waterfall) because that request blocks all of the others. None of the other requests are checked.

Ok I understand now,

This is a picture of the report for the base page

I see the jquery takes a long time

It’s actually the 2 301 redirects that is killing you for the grade. If you test the page that the redirects end at directly then the grade should improve substantially (redirects are included in the first byte time).

True True, I was testing without the “www” hmmm so in other words I should always put a link with rather then

I see that there is also time put into the “Slash” → “/”

that is the part that I put in the codes → “src: /example/” instead of “src: /example”
Should I get rid of the last slash in the example? If I remember well I once read about putting the Last slash in the google webmaster guidelines, that it is good, but im not sure anymore now…?[hr]
I tried the test with the slash, what a difference, I just learned something new today, so it is always better when you give your link out to give the whole link with “www” and closed slash / (as in my codes) → 0.330s

without the slash → 0.453s First byte

Yep, if your server is going to be doing redirects, always hand out the final URL.