agents not connected in aws

I have a linux agent, and server set up in AWS and I can see the polling call in access.log but the agents do not pick up work.
Also, the agents can’t connect to the server using the server load balancer url. so I had to pass the ip of the server in agent user data. now the agents can connect to the server but when I open the url /install (using server load balancer), it shows no agents connected. I have been struggling since a week now. can someone help?

see attachment.

I am using the wpt community amis for server and agents ami-d7bde6e7, ami-002b2269eefa6111f in us-west-2 region.

This was occurring for us as well. We haven’t get got an RCA but what resolved was updating the AMI for the worker agents to use the latest (at time of writing, updated in Jan)