Android and iPhone Testing


I have a few phones up and running with android and iphone and it seems to be partially working

For iPhone there seems to be only one solution, and that is the Blaze Agent (

To get it to compile on iOS 7 you have to change

#import </usr/include/objc/objc-class.h>


#import <objc/runtime.h>

In the files


Sometimes the iphone calculates downloadtime to 0 seconds. but other than that iphone seems to be running pretty well.

Android on the other hand has multiple issues in our installation
There are two implementations the Blaze agent/mobiletest-agent and the one in the webpagetest repository (velodrome?) We have both up and running but it’s quite a hassle beause you have to root the phones and install both tcpdump and a su/sudo/superuser tool, without those it just failes

The velodrome gets their job, but seems to never upload anything.

The mobitest/blaze-agent downloads test, executes test and uploades test, but seems to only upload one of the runs. And the filmstrip images are missing, but you are still able to create a video from them (or is that and based on something else)

My questions are as follows:

  1. Which android agent is recommended?
  2. Why is tcpdump (and by that rooting) needed for it to run? The iphones works without it.
  3. What browser is used on android?
  4. Why could images for filmstrip be missing, but still be able to create video?

The android devices in question is a Samsung galaxy II and a Nexus 4.
Both running stock (but rooted) images