Android vs IOS test

Google analytics shows a difference in average page load times for android vs ios devices.
I have run parallel tests on a single page, one in android using a Galaxy s7 and another using IOS with Iphone8. I get very clearly different results. Android usually has MORE requests than IOS, and IOS is nearly half the time to complete.

Can anyone help to explain this situation, or has anyone else experience the same results?

The funny thing is that, individual requests consistently load faster in android, but many items do not load concurrently, so it leads to a longer load times.


I think Galaxy S7 WPT region is overloaded many times which may affect the results ? You’re Google Analytics numbers would be more accurate but I’d make sure to look at average document content loaded times as well and not just average page load times

Yea, they are really different results.

Nexus 7:

Vs iphone and ipad


The “document complete” is way off