Any interest in adding comments?

It looks like it should be trivial to implement DISQUS to add commenting to the site (and to the tests themselves) but I wanted to gauge the level of interest before I looked into it too much.

This may be something that makes more sense for private installs vs. the public instance so various people can attach comments directly to a test result (and spam isn’t as much of a concern).


I think it would a great idea. I do performance consulting and use your tool to show my clients the before and after. I usually send them a link along with screen shots. I would love to be able to send them the link where they could make comments.

It would also encourage users to browse the save results more to read and respond to comments.

I threw stickr on quickly because I thought post-it style notes might be a better fit. Let me know how you like it:

If it starts to get abused I might lock it down and only display them to logged in users or only enable them for results pages but for now it’s wide open.

Not saying I don’t like it, but is there a way to turn it off (a query string would be fine)?

Is it getting in the way? Since they don’t show by default they are hopefully not getting in the way. I could always make it opt-in at the time of a test so they only show up if the person who initiated the test wants them.

I can add a query string but I’d have to make a few changes to the rewrite rules because the query strings aren’t passed through for a bunch of the urls as things stand right now.

It’s not getting in the way, but I don’t necessarily want to use them for every test I run. Opt-in at the time of a test would work great for me.

The stickers work for me.