Hello, i’m trying to enable the benchmarks feature, but I’m missing something because it’s not working. ¿it’s possible to see a real one .php example? I have my benchmarks.txt. the php file must be named as the url that I try to get the benchmarks?.


There are examples in the trun on github:

That said, that code is still very much in development so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t do what you are looking for.

Thanks! Don’t worry I think that it will be a great feature!. It’s possible to launch the benchmark on demand? besides the schedule inside the php file configuration?

Not really but it shouldn’t be too hard to add.

benchmarks/cron.php?benchmark= is the cron job that checks to see if it needs to be run and kicks it off if it does. Adding support for start=1 or something like that to bypass the schedule check and just start running shouldn’t be more than 2-3 lines of code.