Broken video for multiple steps

We are running a private instance of webpagetest. Our scripts measure multiple steps without using the combineSteps command since we want to get seperated results for each step.

Unfortunately, our scripts generate broken videos. It seems that the screenshots for the videos are overriden by the next screenshot (of the next step) with the same time. Is there any way to extend webpagetest that a valid video is generated even if we use multiple steps without combining them?

An example test result is stored at and the broken video filmstrip is found at

The following script where used to generate this result:

The resulting video we expect should first show the loading of, then the loading of and finally, the loading of But webpagetest generates a video which is a mix of all three pages.

WebPagetest is expecting to measure just one step and doesn’t have provisions for collecting data from a bunch of steps in a sequence. That means you can either combineSteps to get a single full sequence or use logData 0/1 to record data from just a single step from a sequence.

It’s been on the roadmap to implement full support for gathering all of the data, it just hasn’t been a priority.