Bug report - Repeat view in docker does not exist

Hello Catchpoint and all,
I’ve created a private instance of wpt (client & agent), and after some time I was able to run the entire project (with influxDB and Grafana) and test my URLs.

My question is - when I’m using the ‘release’ version of the client and the agent from the docker hub, I am not able to test my urls with the repeat view. I’m getting an error says that data was not configured. Only when I’m taking an old version of them, 20.06, I’m able to see the repeat view data.

This is definitely a bug! I want to use the latest version of the agent and the server in the docker, but unfortunately I cannot do that because of this bug.
I don’t know how to fix it, but I’m ready to help Catchpoint to fix it (if it is relevant at all).
Actually, I don’t understand how people are using the docker version of the agent & client because this feature of the repeat view is quite basic and mandatory.

Thanks and regards,