Bytes In Mismatch

Sometimes I notice a mismatch in the reported Bytes In at Document complete. When I add the “Bytes Downloaded” for each resource downloaded before document complete I expect the get the same number of KBs as listed in the Document Complete Bytes In column. However, sometimes this is not the case.

Take this test for example: [url=][/url]

The reported Bytes In at document complete is 557 KB. However, when I add the Bytes Downloaded for each resources downloaded before document complete I get ~471 KB.

Where are those ~86 KB coming from?

I am using the following JavaScript to add up all the number by the way:

var total = 0; $('.reqBytes.oddRender, .reqBytes.evenRender, .reqBytes.oddDoc, .reqBytes.evenDoc,').each(function() { total += parseFloat( $(this).text() ); }); console.log(total);

I’ll see if I can track it down. The overall bytes-in works by counting the bytes as they are read in from any socket for the duration of the test and it doesn’t try to attribute them to any requests. The bytes for each request should be measured the same way (except for SSL on Chrome but that’s not the case here) but it is attributed to each request as we parse the data.

There shouldn’t be a discrepancy unless there is data being read in that we can’t parse as a HTTP request (or there’s a bug in some of the calculations).

Awesome, thank you. If you need any more examples of the issue let me know.

This caught my attention because I am trying to work out the same issue!

Examples include and

I have a same issues.
How can I understand this Bytes in Mismatch ?

Any update on this issue?