Can anyone suggest good WP theme developer?

Hi everyone,

I just ran my site ( using wordpress) through the tester and there are so many suggestions, i.e. Enable compression, Leverage browser caching, Minify JavaScript, etc., but I really don’t know how to do most of that. I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a good wordpress theme developer company that builds their themes with all this seo and speed tips from webpagetest in mind. Thanks!

Not sure about theme developers but WP Engine is a wordpress hosting company that specializes in high-performance serving of Wordpress sites and should be able to take care of most of the items you listed (and provide screaming fast first byte times).

If you’re willing to migrate hosting providers it wouldn’t hurt to check them out. Otherwise you’re probably looking for Web Performance Optimization developer, not necessarily a WP theme developer (most of the issues are related to the hosting platform, database configuration or plugins).

Yes, we do a lot of WordPress theme work, including troubleshooting, SEO/SEF enhancements and performance tuning.

You can reach me at roach dot jmichael at gmail for more information.