Can somebody help to evaluate the test please ?

Hallo everybody,

I am absolutely new to this and was hoping somebody can help me to evaluate what is going on with all that numbers:-(

I have a feeling that the first bite time is way too long and also when I have look on the connection view it kind of freaks me out. Why there would be 6 times in the raw the home page. I guess my site is wrongly configured or something is there perhaps loading too long or even redirecting. Can somebody please help what is wrong and weather I can fix it? This the test result

The 6 connections you see is the browser, in this case the webpagetest website that opens 6 connections. They start all at the same time (initial connection) but number 2 till 5 wait for number 1 to finitsch. You see that in the Start Offset in the “Request Details” table. The download of the stylesheet (css) is on connection 2, but starts after number 1 because the other 5 connections don’t know what to download after the initial page (1) is downloaded.

This is OK, nothing to worry about.

Looking at your first connection the initial connection time is ok, the download is 410ms, which is not to bad aswell. As you mentioned, the time to first byte takes 972ms, almost a second.

I see the site is Wordpress, so php. There can be several things, the PHP code in for example index.php needs to be compiled (php language to server readable language) every time you request the page. This can take time, there are tools like OPcache which keeps a copy of the compiled php page. Often hosting providers don’t use this, depends on budget and other costs.

If it is your own server or own VPS you could request them to install it for you. That the page is cached does not mean it affects the content, it’s only the source code and not the content of the website. If you would change the PHP files, the cache will be renewed.
There a couple flavors:

It could also be that it takes some time to get data from the database, where you could look into mysql database tuning.

Depending on what kind of hosting you have, what changes / solutions you can apply to improve the performance.