CDNs that support ESI?

Im looking for a list of CDNs which support ESI (or something similar).

This is for a new project which would initially have very low traffic… the bulk of the pages will be kinda static, except for widgets like “latest posts”, etc…

So far ive seen 2 options.

  1. Use Akamai - They wont talk to me :’(
  2. Setup multiple Varnishd Edges and figure out some way to route users to nearest node. - Too much work… too expensive…

Do I have any other options?
Do any other CDNs support this?

Just tested… cloudfront and MaxCDN dont process the ESI…

Just a thought,

You might try some Akamai resellers? I don’t know if Akamai resellers always have the full Akamai feature set or not. But it’s likely that you can get a better deal on Akamai at low commit volumes from resellers (it is common for large CDNs to not deal with small customers directly, but let small customers be handled by resellers).

I don’t know which other CDNs have ESI – ESI was AFAIK created by Akamai, so it’s a fair guess that they might have the most comprehensive support for it.

Try contacting Akamai about which resellers they have, and see:

Additionally, I know that Rackspace’s Cloud Files CDN is Akamai now – but with Rackspace I don’t believe you get access to Akamai’s own management UI, you only get Rackspace’s very limited UI. And from this you cannot configure ESI. But perhaps Rackspace’s support people can set up ESI for you, try contacting them on their support chat.

Best of luck, and please, report back here if you find a good solution to this! :slight_smile:

Hi sajal,

I found your post while looking for the same list you were searching. So I decided to do some more research and write that list:

Spoiler: Fastly is the winner, followed by Contendo and, of course, Akamai.