- What the...?

I’m sorry if this is a frequent question but I can’t find it on the forum.

I just checked a site with Firefox and with Chrome.
Chrome gave me a lower score because of the file - - which appears under Use a CDN for all static assets.

Clearly it is related to Chrome, but why is it one of my static assets?
And is there anything I can do about it?

Can you provide a link to the test result? Sometimes Chrome (and Firefox) adds new background activity that isn’t disabled by the current testing and I need to update the logic to block it (assuming it is Chrome doing the fetch and it isn’t part of the page).

Thanks very much Patrick.
I think this is where I first noticed it.
Chrome -
Firefox -

I was starting from scratch and trying to get straight As to build a site on. That’s why there’s not much there.
Now I have played around some more since then I can see that isn’t really a big performance handicap.

I just pushed an update that blocks the (autofill updates downloads apparently) fetches for Chrome so hopefully you don’t see it anymore.

Oh brilliant. Thanks very much Patrick.
Now if you could just do the same for Google fonts and Google maps that would be great! :slight_smile: