CLS cumulative Layout shift expert needed


Expert needed on CLS and tags to fix it.

I have an ecomm site that has a huge 45% red flag on CLS page speed and I need help with what tags etc to fix it
Competing sites are at 0% or 1% so there is something badly needing fixed.
Please PM me for fuller details and the site


Hello astoller99, i can help you detect elements that are causing CLS issue both on desktop and mobile version.[confirm]

I can suggest things that can fix them, but not sure if they will fix things.

You may probably want to try this tool, before looking any further:

@webnauts the tool is working but shows 0 CLS, whereas Search Console shows a big number.

WebPageTest (and Lighthouse) only show CLS during the page load and only under the specific test conditions (device, connectivity, etc). The search console shows CLS collected for the duration of the session while people are on the page, interacting with it (so if things jump while scrolling for example they will show up there but not in testing).

Yes, I’m having a hard time finding what is causing the CLS issues reported in search console since I can’t find a tool that will show me.

Hi All

I have a CLS issue which is doing my head in.

Webpagetest shows no issue as do other website assessment tools

But Search Console shows what appear to be serious issues

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


You need to watch a slow motion video of the page loading at various viewport sizes to see what is jump down as the page loads. Right away the first thing I notice (common mistake) is the page logo at the top left. Before that loads the nav is shorter in height, after it loads it pushes the whole page down by 40% of the logo height. That’s just one “low hanging fruit” example of the layout shift as individual assets load.

Thank you Ben

I used to fix all of my CLS issues on my three main websites.
This is the one I initially questioned
My other sites.