Conditional comments block downloads

Hi all,

As you may know the use of conditional comments, to load extra CSS files, blocks downloads of other elements in IE. For IE8 and IE9 we can fix that. But for IE6 and IE7 I have not found a solution, apart from not using the conditional comments :-).

Anyone here have a solution? Thanks for any comment.

Does this help?


That article helps for IE8 and IE9beta, not for IE6 and IE7… :frowning:

Hmmm, seems to work for me. Got a link? (Thought that this was at least one fix I had managed to put in. Lol.)

This one?

IE7: empty cond. comment RIGHT AFTER Doctype, scripts BEFORE css in the head and DEFERRED, but the css still blocks… :frowning:

You have a good working-example link?


Hmmm, that really shows what a new guy I am in all this: as far as I can see, stoel_opa.jpg starts coming down before screen-1.1.css has completed.

What am I missing?


No! I have it wrong! I took so many hours staring at those lines that I saw it wrong. There is no blocking, you are right. I was confused by the max of 2 parallel downloads of IE7. Thank you, my problem is gone :-)). It does work for all IE-versions, I am happy!

Greetz and thans again!

“took so many hours staring at those lines”

well that bit we do have in common. :smiley: