corrupt log?

I’m guessing that I am submitting a malformed URL or something to pagetest, because the TEST HISTORY tab is quite mangled:

I’m guessing that the index of test results comes from the log file in the logs directory. I eyeballed that file, and can’t spot what could be causing the problem.

Any suggestions?


I assume that’s on a private instance? If you can zip up the log file for 20110512 and send it to me I can take a look (in the morning) -

Yes, this is on a private instance.

I PMed you a URL where you can grab it. I wonder if it’s my PHP version :frowning:

Thank you,
James. [hr]
I just copied that log file to my dev instance of pagetest, and it does not have the same problem.

The php versions are the same across the two machines.

Any chance the file is corrupt on the server? What happens if you delete it and copy back? Is disk space OK?

It’s very unlikely that the problem is physical.

If I edit the file, I can delete lines until the problem goes away, but it seems somewhat non-deterministic as to which lines being present cause the problem. I thought I could narrow it down to a specific URL, but it seems to be somewhat random.

How about the php configuration. Are the dev and server systems configured for the same memory use? The way things are right now, the whole log file is loaded into RAM and processed.