Data Comparison View

Is there a way to get the link for ONLY the data view. Right now I have to create a video and then click on a link that calles view.php with a hash.

I am not really interested in the video part but mostly a table that gives me the data comparison. Is this possible?

Can you provide an example data view for what you are talking about? Do you mean this view: ?

That view is really built around having a video because comparing just 2 metrics in a table doesn’t seem like it adds all that much value.

Maybe something like the compare.php UI but with query params to control what gets displayed (filmstrip, waterfall, charts) and add a data table comparison to the mix?,150223_QH_82f3db3ce978b1a74220009b892dc843


But in my case it might even be like 5 (for cpus), 10(for rtts) where I really dont want a video but just to view a percent increase across the rtts

Yes. That would work.