Depth + Performance


I am trying to test RESTFulAPI . I have following question :

  1. Tried to “runtest”, But this is taking too long - more than 10 mins to run the test for one site(2. [to get to the status 200]) .Just curious if there is any way to tune this to get response faster? May be can restrict to runtest for specific information which I am concerned about rather than getting all other information , this might reduce latency ?

You can run a private instance:

You should normally get results back a lot faster (I just re-ran the test and it only took 10 seconds) but it depends on how many other people are using the service at the same time. API tests are also run at a lower priority than interactive tests (where someone submitted a test through the UI).

The only way to guarantee that you get consistently fast turn-around on your tests is to run your own testing infrastructure so you aren’t contending for resources with anyone else.